Our Purpose: To ensure the water infrastructure projects protect and preserve natural resources, agriculture, and scenic character of Sonoma County
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Letter to Sonoma County Board of Supervisors in their role as board of SCWA: The Clean Water Coalition of Northern Sonoma County submitted a letter to the Supervisors in their role as the Board of the Sonoma County Water Agency. Fred Corson recommended that our January 12, 2015 letter to Matthias St. John, Executive Officer of the NCWRCB also be included in the packet. Read more.

Clean Water Coalition Advocates Reverse Osmosis: The CWC continues to advocate that the City of Healdsburg research and consider a Reverse Osmosis system. Read more.

Westside Community to Save Agriculture and Syar Industries study to define Agronomic Rates in Middle Reach: Read more.

Grapes and Water-Use Efficiency: Read here.


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Clean Water Coalition of Northern Sonoma County


Founded in 2007, the Clean Water Coalition of Northern Sonoma County is an alliance of community groups and individuals representing a total membership of over 2,500 local residents, winemakers, environmentalists, farmers, elected officials and representatives of the business community in and around Healdsburg, Windsor and Cloverdale.  Organizational members include the Alexander Valley Association, the Dry Creek Valley Association, the Westside Association to Save Agriculture and the Russian Riverkeeper.

Speak Up on Healdsburg Wastewater Irrigation Plan!

In August, the City of Healdsburg issued a Negative Declaration proposing to irrigate over 300 acres of agricultural vineyard land south and west of the City’s wastewater treatment plant with advanced treated wastewater.  The Clean Water Coalition submitted
substantive comments requesting that Healdsburg complete the necessary studies – most notably a Water Balance study and groundwater impact analyses – prior to approving an agricultural reuse project in the drinking water aquifer. 
View environmental documents, and request the City schedule a public hearing at:  


City Council Voicemail: 707) 431-3320
City Council Email: administration@ci.healdsburg.ca.us
City Manager Voicemail: (707) 431-3317
City Manager Email: mpettus@ci.healdsburg.ca.us

What is in the Water?

"The recycled water in question contains heavy metals, organics, bacterias and salt that have the potential to degrade surface and ground water quality..."

-John L. Short, Senior Engineer, Water Quality Control Board

Read article Pharmaceuticals and Endocrine Disrupting Compounds



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